The Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

What is a dead zone? No, I’m not talking about a place where you don’t have cell phone coverage.  “Dead zones,” also known as hypoxic zones, are low-oxygen regions of the ocean, first discovered in the 1970s.  Ordinarily, oceans are home to some of the most astonishing biodiversity on earth.  Dead zones, however, are almost … Continue reading

Success story: Brown pelicans removed from endangered species list

Good news this month!  The January-February issue of Audubon reported that brown pelicans have been removed from the endangered species list.  In the 1930s, brown pelican populations began to rapidly decline throughout the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts.  In fact, by 1963, pelicans were no longer found in Louisiana, long known as the “pelican state.”  … Continue reading